Posted by: sandlakina | October 3, 2008

Democrats AGREE with YES on Prop 8!

It was very clear in what Joe Biden said during the V.P. debate this evening.  He AGREES, and confirms his running mate, Obama, agrees as well, that Marriage should be recognized ONLY between a Man and Woman, and not include gay couples.

Why this is a State legislation is beyond me.  This should be World-Wide.  The purpose of marriage is to multiply and replenish the earth.  That is clearly not possible without a man and a woman.  Every child deserves to be raised by both genders, a man and a woman.  Equality is so over-rated.  Why would anyone “settle” or be content with such a thought as equalizing gay marriages?  Who does it hurt… are you kidding me?  Plain and simple, it’s wrong.  It wouldn’t surprise me that several gay couples have recently gotten married just because they CAN!  Give me a break!  Are you for real?  Why are you really getting married?  Just because some idiot supreme judges took a vote and decided to over-rule what WE the PEOPLE had already voted against… is that the reason you got married?  What a joke.  Is that love?  Or just vengeance.

I am eternally grateful for my strong foundation.  I am a mother raising my children to the best of my ability.  They are strong in their foundation.  I am grateful for a husband who loves me and provides for our family.  My  children are in the public schools, they live among you, they are your friend.  Please don’t force them to accept such an unnatural and wrong standard of marriage.  They already must be exposed to too many worldly ways as it is… foul language, kids making out during school, a NURSERY for young mothers on campus, immodest clothing.  This list hurts me to much to continue.

God bless us all.  May we be strong enough to make a stand and be true to our beliefs.



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