Posted by: sandlakina | October 6, 2008

Entitled to Your Own Opinion

WOW! What interesting conversations arise when you voice your opinion. Just take a look at this article written by a “liberal democrat” –,0,2112209.story. What’s more amazing to me is how angry people sound when they contradict what is being said. Some people are extremely passionate and that’s great. But is it worth being angry?

I have no doubt that homosexual people are great people.  They are law-abiding citizens and contributors to their cities and neighborhoods.  BUT, surely they must know that they are different.  So how are we supposed to treat them the “same” when clearly they are different?  I don’t get it.  I am no scientist, and don’t even like science much, but apparently there are scientific studies being done about the harm in same-sex couples raising children.  Again, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but when an “expert” does the research, who are we to say if its’ right or wrong?  This next article gives scientific proof of why same-sex marriage is wrong, not to mention harmful to children.

I am eternally grateful for the knowledge I have about the “Plan of Happiness”.  I know my family will be together forever.  Please register to vote and on November 4, 2008, state your own opinion.


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