Posted by: sandlakina | October 8, 2008

What is ACORN?

OK, I know this is primarily supposed to be about Prop 8 and all the good and positive things about family.  However, I have recently come across some very interesting information about one of our presidential candidates.  

What is ACORN? (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).  Without trying to re-write the entire article, please go to this link and read for yourself,
I am scared to death about what will happen after this election on November 4th. I am even more scared about what the future holds for my children and their families. We don’t necessarily have a lot, but we survive and make due with what we do have. Are we saving money? We are certainly trying. Obviously, with our 401K, that’s not helping much at the moment. Will the Country be able to overcome and thrive once again? I do not see a clear picture.
God bless us!


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