Posted by: sandlakina | October 9, 2008

Consequences to allowing same-sex marriage

In Boston, MA (where gay marriages are now legal,) the
Catholic Charities have closed their doors because the state has
required them to allow adoptions to same sex couples, and they refused. They are a large and worthwhile charity with great power in the state and they were overruled.

A Methodist church has lost their tax exempt status because the minister refused to perform a marriage of a same sex couple (they were not of his congregation).

A physician who refused to do fertility treatments on a same sex couple because of religious reasons was sued, lost and the state is requiring him to treat everyone as equals.

Our schools will be required to teach, starting in kindergarten, that
marriages make up many different combinations. The consequences are

Directly tied into ALL of this is our right to continue to go to the
Temple. If Gay Marriage is supported by the government, then those who are same-sex married, who are ‘LDS’ and legally recognized as married by the government, can sue to be married in the temple. It is my opinion that the church will not bend on this issue, and our rights to go to the temple will be in jeopardy.

AND goodbye to those religious tax-deductions… Tithing, fast offerings, etc. We will lose our tax-exemption status if the government legally forces the church to support same-sex marriage.

These effects are far-reaching! I hope no one is upset by this email, I
would not want to offend anyone, but I believe this issue is not a
poli tical issue at all, but a moral issue that affects all of society.

The Proclamation on the family clearly gives a warning voice on this matter.
I pray that this issue on the ballots will overturn the gay marriages
occurring right now in that state, and help prevent other states from
adopting this stance. I believe that it is important to support and defend traditional marriage, home and family.

Another friend says that her relatives in Sweden are even watching what
goes on in California. Friends in Canada are watching.




  1. An ‘interesting’ development regarding the education of children issue surrounding Prop 8 from a week ago. A public school first grade class from San Francisco was taken on a ‘field trip’ to support the same-gender wedding of their teacher.

    The school’s interim director indicated that “It really is what we call a teachable moment,”. I guess those who claim that the fear of what will happen if Prop 8 fails in our public school curriculum is only a scare tactic have already been proven wrong.

  2. “So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.“
    — Voltarine de Cleyre

    Freedom to practice, freedom to believe, freedom to act in a way of my choosing. Freedom to believe in God. Freedom of conscience. Freedom to speak my mind. What would life be like without the freedoms we grew up with? All the freedoms we intellectually know we have, but in practicality take for granted.

    Every generation has it’s battles. My grandpa’s generation fought the world wars. Our grandfathers before them fought a hundred wars for freedom. In every country, on every continent, the human soul hungers for freedom and pays a price to obtain it. Sometimes the price is goods and means, sacrifice, sweat and tears. Sometimes the price is blood, and it’s paid. This fight is the fight of our generation. It will affect more than our state, it will affect our entire nation for generations to come.

    I’ve decided to join the fight in more than words. I’ve gone out to my neighbors and talked with them, walked the streets of our town, gathered opinions, given information, donated my time, means, and effort. My life is nearly consumed with the effort to gather and inform, rally and move the often silent majority, prodding them out of complacency and into action. After much prodding, the sleeping giant is stirring. 23 more days.

  3. Yes, when I heard about the elementary school children being taken on a “field trip” to witness a same-gender marriage I was sick to my stomach.
    BUT, what was even worse then that, was what I found about how only TWO families opted to keep their children home that day. Only TWO! That is horrifying.

  4. Apparently the field trip was the idea of one of the mothers, and the kids said that their two mothers were getting married in a few weeks. Sounds like the school has some issues, but then, it is SF.

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