Posted by: sandlakina | October 22, 2008

Fight a Good Fight

Oh my golly! Is anyone else ready for this to be done and over with? I know how important this is to our future. I know we are fighting a good fight. I also know how draining this can be both physically and emotionally. I’m not giving up… NEVER! And believe me, I KNOW this will not be over come Nov 4th.

I’m pretty sure that I would not have made it back in the early years of this country.  I am proud to be an American.  I am proud of my heritage.  I am extremely proud and eternally grateful to ALL of those who have come before and made this country what it is today.  I am, however, very fearful of what this country is heading towards.  WE THE PEOPLE… We live in this wonderful country to have a voice, to be heard.  I am so proud of the work and efforts being done across the country, but mostly here in California, to help preserve the natural, beautiful, respectful, and true union of marriage.  

There are some great videos being posted about this wonderful union.  THANK YOU!

I will continue to fight this great fight.  I am encouraged by those of you who are so strong and stand firm for this cause of protecting marriage.  The countdown is on, and it’s going to be brutal.  There are a lot of angry people out there, ready to tear us down and rip us apart.  We will be UNITED in our efforts.  Carry on…



  1. I agree…it is not going to be over on Nov. 4th. Yes there are a lot of ANGRY people out there who want their rights but are not willing to listen or give those rights to anyone else that disagrees with them. They have rights but we don’t dare have the right to put up a sign?

    This is the start of world we have only heard about in other oppressed countries. Sad, so sad.

  2. The next fight is national, and you know the opposition will take it to the supreme court eventually. Even if we win California this time, if the supreme court were to go the wrong way for whatever reason, we could lose all fifty states at once. That is frightening. California is just one battle in the war. I think Californians will be the veteran backbone of the national movement. Here’s to winning the next battle and turning the tide once and for all!

  3. Did you know that France already went through this fight? I was shocked to learn that. France! of all countries. Who would figure they would be our allies in this?

    I have been looking into their studies. They actually REJECTED gay marriage because they found it hurt kids. I guess it shouldn’t surprise us that genders matter in child rearing, but it seems like in all the hullabaloo about so called “gay rights” we’ve forgotten about the kids’ rights. Kids have rights too.

    To hear the opposition tell it, you’d think we were the only backward country in the world that hadn’t already accepted the inevitable. Only five countries have legalized same sex marriage. France is one of the ones who studied it out first. They went to those five countries and saw what their choice had done to the stability of their countries. There are marked declines in health and family. It’s worth looking into, rather than just running full steam ahead into oblivion. I am always leery of people who want to guilt me into voting a certain way. It makes me want to say, so….what’s the other side? here it is.

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