Posted by: sandlakina | October 23, 2008

Prop 8 Blacklists

So today I find out that my blog is on a so called “blacklist” for the No on 8 campaign, as well as many others.  They are driving folks to our blogs to submit horrible comments.  How sad, truly sad.  Why is it that many activists are crying out for peace but they themselves are so incredibly angry?  How do they expect there to be peace?  

This is an amazing battle we are experiencing.  Yes, everyone is entitled to their own views and opinions and even entitled to share them with anyone who will listen.  I appreciate the so called “blacklist”.  Thank you for driving more and more people to my blog.  All you ever read on this blog are positive comments.  I am not angry, I too want peace.  

The issue of marriage is a personal choice.  It should be a sacred blessing.  So why on earth are we fighting over trying to change that?  Again, the ones crying for peace are the ones trying to change something that has been designed from the beginning of time.  And yes, there was a “beginning of time”.  We didn’t just simply appear.  Each of us is born into this world as natural as it should be.

Same-gender people are people too, agreed.  We are not afraid of you, we are not scared of you.  You can be annoying at times, but we, for the most part, are willing to just let you be.  It’s only when you feel the need to get up in our faces because you feel like you are not being seen or heard that we then have to stand up for our own values and morals.  Why can’t everyone just live in this world and JUST BE!   Yeah, yeah, that sounds melancholy, I know, but will it ever happen?



  1. Thanks for your comments. As a father and elementary school teacher, one of my biggest concerns is the unintended consequences of supporting same-sex marriage, meaning voting against Prop 8. At first, it sounds harmless. Why shouldn’t we allow any two individuals who love each other to marry? But, it’s larger than that. In redefining marriage to be between any two people who love each other, we are rewriting school curriculum. Many of my colleagues will argue that Prop 8 will have no consequences for schools, and they are partially correct. I don’t see any major curricular changes happening in the next year or two. But, eventually, it will. This is a Pandora’s Box I’m not willing to open. See the rest of my thoughts at

  2. Keep doing what you’re doing and stay positive! I fully support you and will vote YES on Prop 8 for sure!

  3. What about the children in California?
    Is Proposition 8 child abuse?
    Do children’s mental and emotional well-being matter?

    In California, imagine how SAFE the young children of gay or lesbian parents are feeling during this PROPOSITION 8 INSANITY.

    Would children feel SAFE if they knew other families were voting, for God’s sake, VOTING on whether their parents deserved the right to be married and treated fairly in society?

    How SAFE would a boy feel knowing some parents and teachers do not believe his own family is the same as their families?

    How SAFE would a girl feel knowing some children do not believe her own family deserves “the same” as their families?

    Now even young children ECHO this intolerance on the playground, thanks to their parents hateful words and ideas. How sick for the children of the YES ON PROP 8 crowd to feel more deserving than other children and their parents! Many children already know and love their gay uncles, lesbian grandmothers, and other FAMILY MEMBERS who are LGBTI, so we have created a hideous world with PROPOSITION 8 and other amendments like it in the U.S. Children are living in a world where they are witnessing adults spending MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars FOR or AGAINST their FAMILY.

    Children deserve to grow up in a world where they BELONG.

    Children deserve to grow up feeling SAFE.

    How sick of a society that we ALLOW family rights to be VOTED ON?

    Straight and gay children are being raised by straight and gay parents, but the government forgot that we are ALL interconnected in our families and in society. So now PROPOSITION 8 has brought children into this culture war, a war based on the assumption that some families deserve more legal rights and protections than other families in times of sickness, death, and divorce [for starters]. SICK.

  4. Dear John,

    I will agree that having to bring our children into this war is very sad. Having to educate them about life in general and the differences between people is… well… something that must be done.

    Had things been left alone, had the gay and lesbian followers left things alone and not gone to the courts, in the public eye and demanded they be treated the same when clearly they are NOT the same, then perhaps we wouldn’t be in this war. Who started this? It wasn’t us! You have over-stepped your boundaries and now you expect us to say welcome in and open our arms.

    You invited us into this public war. You went to the courts, held public rallies, demanded that News and Media were present so you could spew your life-style all over my family.

    So, yes, it is sad that we now have to bring our children into this unexpected war at early ages. While we are willing to educate our children, we were hoping to keep their innocence just a while longer. So THANK YOU for forcing us to do something and to take a stand.

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