Posted by: sandlakina | November 8, 2008

It’s Over Already, Give It Up

This is amazing.  I knew once we passed this amendment that it wouldn’t be over.  These people just won’t stop.  I suppose I have to admire them with there “don’t take no for an answer” attitude.  But really, marching through the streets?  What is that going to do, really.  The people have spoken.  I never really understood why we had to vote on something that the state has nothing to do with in the first place.  Marriage is a religious issue, it’s not a “right”.  This has nothing to do with equality.  Yes, we are all human beings made after the image of the one who created us (NO, not monkeys!).  We were NOT born nor created with sexual preferences.  We WERE born with different physical anatomies.  How we choose to use what has been given us is OUR prerogative.  Marriage, by definition, is the union of a MAN and a WOMAN.  That’s it, plain and simple.  Why are we arguing over the definition of a word?  Are we going to start changing other definitions?  

It is frustrating to watch how people are trying to put the blame on religions.  IT IS A RELIGIOUS ISSUE.  If you are not allowed to join a certain religion because of your sexual preference, and that goes against everything that religion believes and teaches, then why continue to fight it.  Why would you want to be a part of something that does not want you.  I know, that is sad, you are right, but why force other people to change their values and beliefs?  Are we forcing you to do that?  NO.  We are not asking you to go to the back of the bus.  You are welcome to sit down right next to any of us.  We are not telling you who you can and can not love.  You have the freedom to love anyone or anything (for that matter).  We are simply asking you to leave the definition of Marriage, between a MAN and a WOMAN alone.  We are asking that you allow us to teach our children how we see fit, and you have that same right.

Perhaps we can come up with another name/term for your union…. how about Splice or Merge or Unify.  Certainly your time can be better spent then marching around town showing your anger towards other people not like you.



  1. you know, the whole country is watching these protests and the traffic to my site has exploded. I’m sorry that some have stopped posting because now people are needed as much as ever to respond to the misunderstanding being spread by the media and these protests. The fight is moving from California, and everyone is watching and making up their minds now.

    Remember how public opinion was SO against us before we got our ads out there? That’s how it is now for the other states. They’re only seeing one side of the issue. We may be battle weary, but we can’t let the opposition go unopposed.

  2. sorry, will repost with a cleaner version…..blush*

  3. Gay Activists are using donor lists to target individuals who donated to prop 8. This guy already lost his job this morning. We have to stand up and help support these people who are being persecuted for their personal beliefs in their employment. People need to know what’s going on.

    Who is next? Where is the image of love and tolerance now?

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