Posted by: sandlakina | November 13, 2008

4% of the vote

I just found out that the mormons only made up 4% of the entire 52% who voted to pass prop 8.  So what does donating money to the campaign have to do with the other 48% who voted to pass prop 8?  It’s not as if the mormons gave that money to the individual voters to make sure they were going to vote yes… GMAB!  Why are you chastising the individual people who were asked and chose on their own to donate money to this extremely important cause.  It’s not as if the mormon church itself donated the money.  It was the individual people who were asked and chose for themselves.  Certainly they could have refused and NO, there would have no punishment….again, GMAB!

Here’s something else I just found out, that the entire county of Los Angeles voted to PASS prop 8.  And how many mormons live in LA county?  Why aren’t you turning to your neighbors and chastising them?  West Hollywood is living it’s own little (very small) world.  I enjoy seeing the Temple on National TV.  It’s a beautiful site.  So if you must continue to make your stand, please, go right ahead.  Obviously you don



  1. EXACTLY! I was feeling very upset and troubled by the protestors and by the media coverage they were receiving. Then the news interviewed a representative from the Oakland Temple and he said something to the effect of: “Are we being wrongly persecuted? Probably.” And then he smiled and shrugged his shoulders, responding that we aren’t going to do anything about it. I felt so much peace in seeing his response. By doing nothing, we are only making the opposition more upset. Keep up the good work!

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