Posted by: sandlakina | December 22, 2008

No More Surprises

Well folks, we are in for quite a fight. Campbell’s Soup Co. is BIG, they are HUGE. They have since joined the opposition and are promoting homosexuality as good and wholesome. How sad!

Yes, I titled this entry, “No More Surprises”. There is nothing they won’t do, no one they won’t try to influence. It does not surprise me anymore. This only means we need to be stronger then ever before. We need to be louder then ever before. We can not sit back and be hushed, even with these large companies joining the war. Thank you to Beetle Blogger for posting this vital information and link to write to Campbell’s Soup Co. and ask them to please remain neutral. This is what we do. Please go to the link and send your letter.

I must say, on the one hand I am anxiously awaiting to hear what happens next. Every time something pops up in the news about this issue, I am glued to the TV. Of course, on the other hand I do wish it would at least sub-side for the holidays. I would imagine the next few weeks leading up to the inauguration that things will get extremely heated. I must also say that Obama’s choice for the invocation at his inauguration was PERFECT. But because of that, we will see some excitement in the days to come.

May you all have a wonderful Christmas to be enjoyed with family and friends. Please travel safe, if you must at all. Us Californians aren’t used to all this cold weather and waking up to ICE everywhere. Be safe, stay warm, Merry CHRISTmas!


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