Posted by: sandlakina | December 30, 2008

Religious Conviction and Your Profession

OK, I realize this fight is never going to go away. There will always be a fight for “rights” and “equality”. But this is taking things as far as it can.

Apparently in Arizona there is consideration for “…new attorneys to swear they will not let their views on sexual orientation get in the way of providing legal services.” ‘Licensing’ morality out of the law

What’s next? We already can’t talk about CHRISTmas for fear it will offend someone, BUT we can certainly talk about Kwanza and/or Hanuka without any problem at all. What is wrong with you people? We are in this country because we chose to be here. We chose to be here because we are allowed our religious freedom…. Freedom? This is sounding more and more like confinement and subject to ridicule and harassment.

Get over it already! BE FREE! Be free to choose what religion you choose. Be free to express your beliefs. Be free to live and be happy. Just DON’T impose your choices on other peoples freedom.

Again, this all comes down to MARRIAGE being a RELIGIOUS Act of freedom. Marriage is between a man and a woman, religiously bound here on earth and in heaven. To bring forth children and create families, to continue in what the world is created for.

May we all look forward to a very Happy, Healthy and Successful New year!



  1. Bravo! There’s an ulterior motive here with the AZ oath alteration. Sexual orientation is already protected by state anti-discrimination laws. To align sexual orientation with religion and race is to allow it too much weight; to lend credibility to its demand for “rights.” I fear for attorneys who will be put in a position of choosing between their livelihood and their conscience. It is not justifiable.

  2. The pendulum is swinging way too far toward the comfort of communism.

    Once you open that door, all kinds of things can walk through it. Not only that, but the opportunity for silencing those who oppose such open views grows as well. The AZ Bar Association wants to prohibit any lawyer who believes homosexuality is wrong from being able to act on that belief. It’s a complete 180 from what the founding fathers envisioned, and it’s one more step away from religious freedom.

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